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Charlotte's Story


Charlotte was born 12/11/1921 in Berlin Germany. She had a pretty normal childhood until World War 2 started. She had countless stories of suffering and survival during the war. She married a German GI who was sent away the day after their wedding to the "front" and was killed with a headshot. She did manage to have a daughter named Elke whom she raised in Germany for a while. Later she met and married an American GI who brought her to the United States of America. She was able to obtain her Natural US Citizenship, but later divorced her husband.  After a few years, she met a car salesman named George Sitzer for Hallman's Chevrolet who she married. At a very late age, George and Charlotte had a son Stephen.  George died of a heart attack when Stephen was 3 years old. She raised Stephen alone for 15 years until he went to college. She taught Stephen many things about surviving and taking care of himself. Her German heritage and American influence made her a fantastic cook which she taught to Stephen almost daily.  She loved to fish, camp, bowl, and play "Gin Rummy".  One thing was certain, she loved to cook good food and be around her growing family. As time passed, she would become a grandmother and great grandmother of over 40+ kids. She had a glorious life and lived until October of 2013 at the age of 91. Her memory and recipes will live on for many generations to come.


Sister Elke

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Sitzer Family

Charlotte's legacy continues with the Sitzer family.  The family consists of Stephen aka Dad, his lovely wife Jessica, their oldest daughter Ashlie, a younger daughter Hannah, a son Connor, and the youngest son bringing up the rear Elijah. Luckily, Charlotte got to meet them all before she passed away. Most if not all of the traditions she started have been maintained including her recipes and mouthwatering dishes. A gray "index card box" of the countless recipes she requested from various friends and her memory and recreation growing up as a child in Germany have over a hundred different meals she has prepared. This is the inspiration of Charlotte's Country Kitchen, and I would be remiss in not sharing them with you. The mission statement of Charlotte's is to always keep it fun, unique, ever changing and community driven. Our hope is that you are always satisfied with quality, quantity, and price. We encourage you to submit any of your favorite family meals and we will make them a special or put them on the menu to share with others.

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